Sanae Suzuki, BFRP

Bach Flower Registered Practitioner with the Bach Centre, UK
Whole Health Macrobiotic Nutrition Educator, Counselor for People and Pets

Sanae Suzuki’s passion for learning about alternative, holistic medicine and plant-based macrobiotic nutrition began when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 1993. This illness challenged her to think about the relationship between her lifestyle, attitude and food choices to her physical, emotional and spiritual state. She considered the impact of one on the other and she recovered from this serious cancer. As she began to learn more about natural, plant-based nutrition for herself, She recognized that the same benefits could be achieved for her pets. She began cooking for her dogs and saw rapid, significant improvements with their health issues.

Sanae overcame her cancer and has been making Healthy Happy Pooch (HHP) homemade food for her dogs for more than 20 years. In this book she shares her recipes, information and passion with countless fellow dog owners, helping with various illnesses including diabetes, thyroid issues, skin allergies, arthritis, cancer and excess weight. Sanae is dedicated to nurturing dogs to be healthier and helping them live longer, more vibrant lives.

In 2001, Sanae faced another life challenge: While traveling with some of her pets through the Arizona desert, Sanae had a freak car accident that claimed the lives of two of her dogs and almost her own as well. She was bedridden for a year and in a wheelchair for three; but she believed that by embracing holistic medicine and the philosophy of macrobiotics, she would recover, walk and thrive again. And so she has.

Since then, Sanae has taught vegan, macrobiotic cooking throughout the US, Europe, Japan and the Caribbean. In 2007, she published her first cookbook-Love, Eric and Sanae-with her husband, chef Eric Lechasseur. In 2008, she and Eric opened Seed Kitchen, an organic, vegan, macrobiotic restaurant in Venice, California. In 2009, she published her second cookbook, Love, Sanae, which features over 120 healing recipes. And against all odds, Sanae hiked 11 miles through Tahoe National Forest in 2012, using just a cane for support.

Sanae resides in Santa Monica and North Fork, California with her husband, Eric Lechasseur, six healthy, happy pooches-Kula, Oro, Leo, Bubu, Lumi and Happy-and two alley cats, Tintin and Maimai.

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